José Witteveen

Recent works explore the complexities and relationship of the construct of the self and the various ways identity is shaped by the perception of time, history, myths (narratives), and our connection to the natural world.

Our understanding of self is constantly changing and evolving, particularly as we navigate how we present ourselves and communicate through technology in the digital age.

Between the realms of printmaking and photography and a form of performance art, my work is an interplay among poetic fragility and the rough aesthetic of vibrant urban life.
Collaboration is an integral part of my practice; currently, I am engaged in a project called “Orlando”.

This ongoing series is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s biographical novel “Orlando”, known for its unconventional structure and its exploration of themes such as identity, gender and the passage of time: which plays a significant role in my work.

My process involves inviting people willing to share their stories and compassionately facilitating dialogue about identity and gender issues. The project aims to challenge the constraints of traditional gender roles and offer more authentic and fluid representations of gender. I am incorporating a documentary element into my art, revealing real-life subject matter and authentic experiences.


My latest partnership is with multidisciplinary artist Michelle Samba.

Through a series of stop-motion videos, using analogue photographs, which Michelle responds to with musical compositions. We also swap roles, with Michelle sending me short music compositions that inspire a series of new stop-motion creations.


At the moment this website is not fully updated, to follow my work I would like to invite you to my Instagram pages: @josewitteveen, @movementofbird



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