José Witteveen

As an artist, I have always been interested in storytelling, folktales / myths and religion, which I combine with observations of both nature and society.

Playing with religions and myths and the influence of the media’s flood of images has always been an important part of my work with etchings.

The scenes in them are reflections of the nature of man, in which personal experiences are portrayed but also in a broader sense plays with a touch of criticism and sarcasm.

Nowadays, since my introduction to photography and moving from Frisia to Rome I like to combine different techniques within a work and investigate how traditional techniques can be used in a contemporary way.

My work consists of research into the concept of identity, community and gender through photographic portraits often edited by photomontage, or converted to Toyobo etching, born out of a need to understand and express myself and to connect with others. My intention here is to facilitate intimacy and encourage empathy.

On the other hand, my work involves observations in a more conceptual and poetic way.
Observations of my immediate surroundings in which I work in a more abstract way with layered fragments of everyday life, transformed into assembled works.

At the moment this website is not fully updated, to follow my work I would like to invite you to my instagram pages: @josewitteveen, @movementofbird


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