October 2020: New webshop for art!

My new webshop is now available, new art will be added soon but of course you can already order them by emailing me directly at


October 2020: movementofbird

New, separate instagram account: @movementofbird

  • Analogue photography
  • Mixed media
  • Travels through tales of origins
  • Visual research
  • Experiments
  • Birds

April 2020: “Huisdagboek” 

Happy to tell you that my series of work “huisdagboek” will be featured on a creative platform.
On there instagram page called quaranzinemag, and and on their site,
Quaranzinemag is a creative platform where art during lockdown is created, go check them out!




April 2020: !Announcement! 

We are thrilled to announce that Tsead Bruinja will be contributing to our Salina project.
Mirka Farabegoli, Joost Oomen and me will be heading to the Amanei residency. Tsead will contribute from afar.
Tjead Bruinja: New Poet Laureate of the Netherlands

(Artwork Mirka Farabegoli –




April 2020: !Announcement!

Happy to tell you that Joost Oomen will be joining Mirka Farabegoli and me in our Artist in Residence at Amanei in Salina.
He will also be involved in our exhibitions and publications.
Joost Oomen: Poet, Writer, Drummer and Performer


March 2020: Artist in Residence “Betwixt”

In 2019 Mirka Farabegoli and José Witteveen dedicated 2 weeks to a research residency on the island of Salina, getting to know some of its inhabitants and learning about the history of the island.
The project was named Betwixt and within it, they have focussed on personal anecdotes, fragmented and partially shrouded in mystery. They learned about the trials and tribulations the island dwellers had to face; like the consequences of families being torn apart by the necessity of migrating abroad in search of a livelihood or the impact of tourism on the once tightly knit community. Being aware of their role as outsiders they accepted the fact that their interpretation would be subjective and partly influenced by their own intuition.

In September 2020, Farabegoli and Witteveen will return to Amaneï for a second residency. The artists are intersted both in the tension between past and present and the role of rituals in the broadest sense. Humans are ritualistic animals; they find solace in the creation of repetitive actions to face the chaos of everyday life. These actions aren’t necessarily grand gestures; they can be found in the small activities that may even seem banal at first.

This second residency period will offer an opportunity to continue what has been started in 2019. Additionally, it will be an opportunity to discover new points of view.

There will be several exhibitions and a publication to be anounced in time.



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